About Me

Hello! My name is Bella and all I used to want to do was become a painter full time! But then I discovered teaching, and I fell in love with it as a profession! I am the proud Manager and Full Time Teacher of art-K Ashtead and teach ages 6-16 years old art classes! This website here is a portfolio of my art, my students art can be found on art-K Ashtead instagram!

Bella feels most at home with a sketch book to draw up ideas and often describes herself as “the ideas person.” Bella created her own independent film EXPOSURE that was nominated in the Student Animation category in the prestigious Royal Television Society Awards as well as nominated in Hollywood for “Best Animation.”


EXPOSURE premiered in Moscow in 2018 and has popped up in festivals and screenings around the UK, Spain, Russia, the USA and Mexico.

Bella Watson graduated from Manchester School of Art in 2018 from the BA (Hons) Animation course at Manchester School of Art, achieving a First Class Honours.

"My background is very much in traditional Fine Art - oil paints and drawing. I spent my whole life painting up until I was 18 years old, then I spent a year in Uganda teaching. Coming back to the UK after my year away leant me towards illustration and animation, slowly transferring certain skills over to the digital ways of life. I take inspiration from daily encounters and observations and always choose to work manually rather than digitally if I can!"