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Commissioned Artwork

Founders Rufus and Gemma's Profile Picture

Rufus. Publib
Gemma. Publib

Rufus Biddle's (Publib) SE16 Recipes Community Project.

Flyer design by Rufus Biddle. Illustrations by Bella Watson.

Lentil Spag Bol
Tofish and Chips
Full English Breakfast

Examples of some of the artwork provided for Rufus at Publib.

Shirazee Business Card Design.
Shirazee is a photography graduate from Manchester School of Art. Originally from Solihull, now based in the North of France (Calais). She focuses on humanitarian and environmental stories.
Shirazee contacted me to create a fun and personal business card that gave the viewer an insight to her interests. She wanted a cheerful and bold design!
Continual Line Drawing. Anniversary Gift.

This was a commissioned artwork for an Anniversary Gift. It is roughly A3 size. Hand drawn with an ink pen and coloured with pencils. 

For any queries for commissioned art work, please don't hesitate to get in touch at
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